Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Sure-Fire Ways To Get A Raise

by Jennifer Phillips

Many professionals believe (albeit secretly) that they are not paid enough for their work and dedication to their company. Some of them are earning average or above average salaries for their positions, and just have the general feeling that “I should earn more money!” yet in comparison with the general market, they are compensated fairly.

But what about the professional that has been doing their job for a significant amount of time, doing it well, and thinking that it might be time for a raise? What is the best way to earn a raise? Should a person just wait until one is offered or should they be proactive and ask for one if they feel it is deserved?

First, a person needs to do a little investigating. How does your company handle performance reviews? Are raises in conjunction with them? Are raises given at certain time intervals (say, after one year, two years, etc)? Or are raises typically only given when promotions are granted? Finding out how your company handles increasing their employees pay is the first step to figuring out the best way for you to get the raise you feel you deserve.

That brings up the second point. Do you deserve a raise? The job market is full of smart, well-performing professionals and often just doing your basic job, and nothing more, does not merit a raise. Raises are often given to those who go above and beyond the average employee. Take some time to honestly rate your performance and dedication to your job. Is there any room for improvement, anything you could change that would ensure you would get the raises that you deserve?

Of course there is! There is a certain type of employee that, although they may perform their actual job no better or worse than their co-workers, will be the first to earn raises. What do these employees do differently that makes them stand out from the crowd? Following are 10 sure-fire tips to help you get the raise you deserve:

1. Arrive early and leave late every day: It only has to be 15 minutes early and late, but the dedication and reliability it shows is immeasurable.

2. Offer to stay late for big projects: If you see those around you or your superiors are staying late to wrap up an important project or to prepare for an important presentation the next day, offer to stay late and help. Although it may not be required (or even asked of you) the willingness to stay late and help your team greatly increases your chances of getting a raise. Even if your team doesn’t always take you up on your offer, they will remember the offer!

3. Ask for periodic mini-reviews: Monthly or bi-monthly mini, informal reviews are a wonderful way to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in your job performance, as well as let your superiors know that you are serious about improving your performance level and doing your job to the best of your ability. These reviews will not happen unless you ask for them, so simply ask your boss “If you get a chance this week, I would love to sit down with you for just a few minutes and get your feedback on how I am doing, and if there is anything I can be doing better or differently.” This shows tremendous initiative and will take you far…but be prepared for constructive criticism!

4. Never show up late: Weather is a legitimate excuse for why some professionals are occasionally late. Snow, heavy rain, ice, etc. make morning commutes challenging for many. Don’t let it affect you…be prepared by watching evening newscasts for upcoming weather events, road closures, etc. and plan your commute time accordingly. It shouldn’t matter what the weather or road conditions…a true professional is always on time!

5. Dress professionally at all times: Don’t let trendy fashions or what your cube neighbor “gets away with wearing” dictate your wardrobe. Keep it professional, minimal jewelry, tasteful make-up and hair, and always wrinkle-free. If you look the part, your superiors will notice.

6. Volunteer for cross training: Ask to be trained on new software or business techniques; ask to attend any classes being offered both on and off campus. If you hear of a great off campus seminar that relates to your job, ask to go! Taking on new responsibilities is a very important part of earning a raise.

7. Get involved! Business social functions, softball games (you don’t have to play…just go watch!) movie nights, having lunch with your team, volunteering with a group of your co-workers; any way to get involved more with your co-workers to let them know what a team player you are.

8. Keep an eye out for information relating to your job: Whether it be a newspaper article about your biggest competitor or a magazine article relating to your particular job field, it shows great initiative if you keep an eye out for information relating to your company and pass along whatever is appropriate.

9. Be respectful and responsible in all company-wide areas: It may sound silly, but pick up after yourself in break rooms, lunch rooms, and conference rooms. Be respectful and responsible on all company grounds, and in restrooms and waiting areas. Keep your own workspace neat…it can be hard for some supervisors to see past poor personal habits.

10. ASK!! It’s hard to ask for a raise, isn’t it? A great way to ask for a raise is to approach your superior something like this: “I was wondering if we could sit down in the next couple of days/weeks and discuss ways in which I could earn a raise. I feel I am performing well and may deserve one, and I would like your opinion on my performance.” This manner asks for a raise without demanding one, and admits that although their might be ways in which improvements could be made, it’s quite possible you already deserve a raise and your superiors have just been to busy to remember the last time you got one!

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