Friday, February 6, 2009

STOP! Watching the news or reading the paper...

Unless, you are watching or reading something positive, creative and uplifting. Sadly, the media today looks for the worst rather than the best in a situation. We believe the media is feeding the downward spiral of our economy for ratings. Yes, things are bad but not as hopeless as the media would like you to believe.

The best example of this is a report that came out the other day that stated Macy's was hit hard by laying off 7,000 people. OH NO!!! What they did not tell you was the layoffs were mostly season and part-time employees. Macy's has close to 906 stores and that means an average of 7 employees per store were laid off. Many stores have 100-200 employees which would mean they lost 3.5-7% of their staff. An elevated number, not out of the ordinary for any retainer after the holiday season. Bad weather and post holiday bills can also cause a huge decrease in revenue.

The Washington, DC area still has one of the strongest economies in the country and we have seen a 700% growth in new client orders in the last week which we are thrilled to report. Now that the new administration is in, winter is winding down and layoffs are slowing things should settle down and start growing again in a few months. You have to remain upbeat and forward thinking to survive this economy.

We all will and are better for it.