Thursday, December 15, 2011

What not to do at a Holiday Work Party

1) List All The Ways You Hate Your Job
Do prepare an elevator pitch. Do not detail everything that's wrong with the company.
2) Show Too Much Skin
Do try to look nice. Do not mistake vulgar for sexy.
3) Get Sloppy Drunk
Do relax and have fun. Do not drink more than you can handle.
4) Make A Rambling, Incoherent Toast
Do make a toast to up your visibility. Do not ramble on and bore or offend those gathered.
5) Bring An Ill-Advised Date
Do bring your partner, if invited. Do not bring someone you don't trust to be professional.
6) Get Grabby On The Dance Floor
Do let your hair down. Do not make any outrageous displays on the dance floor.
7) Start A Fight
Do mingle. Do not throw any punches.
8) Do Your Comedy Routine
Do lighten the mood with calculated humor. Do not go into your late-night comedy routine.
9) Ask The Big Boss What they 'Really' Does All Day
Do introduce yourself to your boss's boss. Do not ask too-personal, critical or rude questions.
10) Be Creepy And Suggestive
Do try to network with those you don't often work with. Do not flirt, hit on or suggestively touch anyone.

Copied from Forbes Magazine.