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How Do you go from Super Work to Supervisor?

How Do You Go from 'Super Worker' to Supervisor?

The function and role of a supervisor is critically important to an organization. But what is a startling fact is that most supervisors are promoted from within, with little or no training. They go from being a 'super worker' on Friday to a supervisor on Monday.

They get promoted because of their knowledge, skills, and sometimes because they are just a nice person. Now certainly those are important qualities as a worker and you wouldn't want to promote someone that didn't have these qualities. (Why would you promote someone that just isn't a nice person, are not dependable, and unable to do their job?) But the qualities that made them a 'super worker' are not necessarily the same qualities they need to be a supervisor. In fact, surveys have shown that only 15% of the reason people get a job, keep it, and move ahead is due to your technical skills and knowledge.

What about the other 85%? Studies have proven that the other 85% of the reasons you get a job, keep it, and move ahead is due to your people skills and people knowledge. You must be able to get others to do what you used to do so well.
But where do you get these people skills? Often this is what gets overlooked. It's usually by trial and error. (And we all know what happens when we do that.)
It is vitally important to develop these "people" skills ASAP!

Use this list below to evaluate yourself and to create a plan of action to become the best supervisor in your company.

Successful Supervisor Traits:

1) Ability to motivate others in a positive way to get results
2) Self starter and takes initiative to do what needs to be done
3) Communicates well with the management team, colleagues, subordinates, and other supervisors
4) Has great organizational skills and planning capabilities
5) Possesses good decision making skills
6) Able to adjust to change
7) Have good goal setting and achievement skills
8) Have a great attitude

In addition, you must think in terms of excellence, profitability, return on investment, and effectiveness.

Successful Supervisor Traits Evaluation and Action Plan

Evaluate each supervisor trait below by asking yourself the question. Decide if the trait is a strength or a weakness. Upon completion of the exercise, develop action steps to improve on the weaknesses you identified.

1. Do I motivate others in a positive way to achieve the desired results?
2. Am I a self starter and do I have initiative?
3. Do I communicate well with others?
4. Am I organized and do I plan well?
5. Do I have good decision making skills?
6. Do I resist change or embrace change?
7. Do I set and achieve goals?
8. Do I have a great attitude?

Your action plan should state specific steps towards improving on those traits you feel are not as strong as you would like. Concentrate on your weaknesses, but be sure to review your strengths to determine if there is more you can do to reinforce your strong traits. ~ Copyright ©2009, Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC

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