Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Cost of Overexposure

I realize that anyone looking for a job right now is doing everything they can to secure one. Do you know that agencies are doing the same thing. With firms trying to save money and agencies trying to get the few remaining jobs out there the market is saturated with ads. The problem is, if you send your resume to every ad then you are 100% sure to crossover with firms and other agencies. There is nothing more frustating then to take the time to screen, test and meet a candidate only to find out when you present them to a client they have been presented by three other sources and many times the poor candidate has no clue.

Protect yourself by only registering or sending your resume to no more than 2 agencies to start and ask the firms to tell you where you are being sent. Provide the agency with a list of firms you have spoken to, sent a resume to or interviewed with. It saves time and the embarassment of overexposure. Instead of answering a blind ad, send a short email asking to be called or to find out if they are an agency or a firm. If they do not respond then don't send it.

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